Beginner Course in Robotics

Course Contents

Introduction to Arduino
Handling digital inputs / outputs, PWM, Interrupts
Hardware Timers
Analog inputs
Motor controlling (DC, Servo, Stepper, Brushless)
Serial Communications
Wireless communications
Writing and reading SD Cards
RFID Cards
Interfacing GSM / GPS Shields

Duration - 6 Months / Course Fee - Rs 60,000.00

Advanced Course in Robotics

Course Contents

Connect Arduino to cayenne IOT platform
Remote control a LED
Reading a Photo resistor sensor data
Remote temperature monitoring – DHT11
BMP 180 Digital Barometric Pressure sensor
Using  DS18b20  to detect temperature from browser or smart phone
Remote control a servo motor SG90
Smart home water leak alert                                  
Wireless Smoke detection from smart home
Ultrasonic  Detector for home security,
Sound Monitor IOT project

Duration - 2 Months / Course Fee - Rs 20,000 (each)

Kids Robotics Course

Course Contents

Creative Engineering  Designing and Building
Introduction to Programing (Scratch)
Introduction to Arduino  Programming
Demonstrating The  Engineering Concepts
Demonstrating  Arduino Projects
Arduino Programming

Duration - 6 months (1 level) Course Fee - Rs 20,000 (each)


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